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Travel in Contemplation- A Bucket List

I have spent quite a lot of time the past few weeks considering exactly what I want to get out of blogging. Not only what I want to get, but what I want to give. Blogging is a whole new world for me. I have been a writer for all of the years I can remember; creating personification pieces in grade school, and writing short fiction in college. But definitely not travel writing.

What I have not done is live writing such as this. Writing where my reader can respond, interact, critique, and take more than just good feelings away. I can inform the reader about amazing travel destinations that they may have never considered. I can bring commonly traveled destinations into a new light, a light that only I can shine. I can travel for enjoyment, pleasure, family togetherness, work, a living. I can inspire others to travel! How can this be?

Travel writing has gone through many changes in the past decade; from haughty magazines to a blog written by Debbie, your next door neighbor, with the tightie whities hanging on her clothes line. Those magazines bring you flawless photos and countless wistful dreams, while Debbie brings you real travel info including the yucky beach next to the gorgeous resort, and the best bathroom when you have a serious blow out to change.

I want to meld these two styles and meet up in the middle. I want to bring you real footage and real information that you can use on your trips, and I want to show you how every trip can be absolutely stunning, even when all the moments aren’t so stunning.

Keeping all of this in mind, I thought it would be fun to give you my travel bucket list. It’s a little unconventional, but you’ll still see some of the old stand-bys. This isn’t just my travel list, but my family’s as well. We don’t always agree on where we want to go, so we’ll just have to try going to all of them. And at each destination I hope to bring you the beauty as well as the unusual, quirky things that every family should know when they go.

So let’s talk bucket list. My number one, tippy top, must visit has always been, will always be:

1. Walt Disney World

I know it sounds uber cheesy but it really is the greatest place on Earth. We can even agree to disagree. I am cool with that! Okay, maybe not, but stick around anyhow. But, really, WDW is my little kid place. I go there and enter an entirely different world. My feet hurt after a long day of walking but they hurt in Walt. Disney. World! Suffice to say that any chance I have to go, I will go. And then I will come back here and gush all about it. Again, and again, and again. I’m sorry.

Walt Disney World Castle by Tiffany Barton
2. Trans-Siberian Railway

So, yeah, that might seem weird. I once found a train travel booklet and skimmed through it oohing and aahing over the interesting places to travel by train. It seemed neat, but I wasn’t sold. And then… I found the TSR tour. Moscow in Winter. Can you even imagine? You can do everything from dog sledding to baking bread, touring Moscow to reading on the train. I want nothing more than to pack my suitcase, snug into a sweater, and climb aboard. Cocoa, books, wintery Russia whizzing by. *swoon*

Photo by Vladimir Fedotov on Unsplash
3. Mediterranean Cruise by Disney

Or really just about any Disney cruise. Maybe not the Bahamas? Oh heck, I’d do that, too. In particular we want to do the Mediterranean cruise, as well as the Norwegian Fjords, Alaska, the British Isles, the Canadian Coast… Yup, all of them! We want to cruise with Disney for a variety of reasons; we LOVE the hospitality that Disney provides at every turn, fish extenders, amazing port activities, and just being surrounded by that Disney magic. I mean, c’mon. You wanna go, don’t you?

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash
4. France

But not that France. We want to see little towns and the countryside. For example, the Jura region with its cheeses, wines, and gorgeous hiking, or the Aveyron region with its deep gorges and Renaissance houses. On the top of the list? Ariège, to the Pyrenees, please. My husband’s lineage and my own hail from France. To visit for some time would be a dream come true. And, I suppose we can see a few of the touristy places as well, but certainly not as the focus.

Photo by Antoine Lequeux on Unsplash
5. Thailand

This one is for my husband. Well, I would surely enjoy it as well. He’s been talking about it since the day we met. Khao Yai National Park seems a great place to start. Chiang Mai. Elephants. Just, yes!

Thailand Khao Sok National Park
Photo by Colton Duke on Unsplash
6. The Redwoods

Where ever they are, I need to be. I am a true tree huggin’, nature lovin’, forest bathing, Mama Gaia lover. And these trees… just the idea of them blows me away. I have no particular plan. Camping for sure. Just sitting with the trees. Just basking in that beautiful network of roots and energy and ebb and flow.

Photo by Josh Carter on Unsplash
7. Every Waterfall

In existence! I absolutely love waterfalls and I want to see them all. The plan is to map out the US and travel to as many as we can. And we shall sit, and soak in all the water vibes. And eat picnics. And live. The photo below is from Croatia. Can you imagine being there with all of those beautiful falls? I happen to live near Niagara Falls and it never, ever gets old!

Photo by Tomas Horak on Unsplash
8. National Parks

All of them. I want to hike ’em, camp ’em, photograph ’em. I hear there is a Junior Ranger program that Sebastian would just love! He is already a Scout and this would just add to the awesomeness. We have such amazing natural places around the US and the World to visit and our family wants to visit them all. A big task, I know, but that is why it’s called a bucket list!

Photo by Josh Carter on Unsplash

That is our beginners travel bucket list. I am certain I shall update this as we go. We want to see the good stuff, but we really want to see the “off the beaten path” stuff.

What unusual places are on your bucket list?

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