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Travel Vacation Playlist Must Haves from Enchanted Wild

Our Family Travel Playlist

Packing up the van; snacks in the front, luggage stacked neatly in the back, pillows and blankets in the middle, a tote full of toys to fiddle with and puzzle books to scribble in. We are on our way. GPS set. And then, the tunes.

I love to begin road trips late at night or very early in the morning. There is something about the dark, quiet road and the lights of the cities whizzing by. Watching the sunrise as night turns from pitch to violet dotted with stars, and then cerulean shot with rays of sun. It takes my breath away, and sets the mood for the rest of the trip. Somewhere between 7 & 8 am we will pull off to use the bathroom, stretch our muscles, and find a delicious breakfast. We could, instead, keep cruising and eat something in the van to save time, but this is how we start the trip.

Getting back into the van, satisfied and ready for more open road, we turn to our trusty cassette deck. We have one of those converters that plugs in to your phone and plays your iTunes via the tape deck. Old school. First things first, a little Beach Boys. Fun, upbeat for the sunny morning, just right. But what comes next?

Travel Playlist Must Haves from Enchanted Wild

1. Beach Boys’ “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”

This song gets you in the mood to move your brain, but isn’t loud and crazy. I follow this up with some smooth “Kokomo” and I am ready to go!

2. Volbeat’s “Lonesome Rider”

Volbeat is a crazy, fun Danish rock band that my husband, Robbie, really digs! The lead has a unique voice, and the lyrics aren’t that typical. Listen to “Lola Montez” and “Cape of Our Hero” to get a good feel for this band’s variation and to get pumped for your long trip.

3. Sara Bareilles’ ” Hercules”

This song follows the previous by getting me ready to really rock it. As the sun rises, my body is buzzing with the beat. “Cassiopeia” is a close second favorite of mine. A little gentler than the last, but still full of excitement. Really, anything by this fabulous, rockin’ chick is awesome. Do yourself a favor and just download all the things.

4. Styx “Boat On The River”

There are so many great Styx hits, but this one is right up our alley. It slows things down a bit and gets us in the mood to cruise. You could make an entire playlist out of Styx songs. Go ahead. I won’t judge!

5. Stevie Nicks’ “Crystal”

Does this need introduction or explanation?

6. R.E.M. “Losing My Religion”

Robbie is pretty fond of this song and “The One I Love”. I can’t say I blame him. It’s a nice continuance of our blast from the past.

7. “Lava” from Disney’s ‘Lava’

So, we are huuuge fans of everything Disney. Mostly me, but who’s keeping track. This particular song is a favorite for hubby and I. Kinda like our personal love song. *Squeee*

8. Sting’s “Fields Of Gold”

Classically gorgeous, and continuing the love theme. “Fields of Gold” is calm and just right.

9. Journey’s “Open Arms”

We aren’t done with the love yet. This is “our song”. Don’t despair, the lovin’ is just about over. But, seriously, Journey. Need I say more?

10. Brooks & Dunn’s “Neon Moon”

And now we make a short jaunt into some country music with a little sad love song. This has been and will always be my favorite song of all time. I knew the words when I was just a kiddo hanging out in country bars while my dad played drums and my momma waited tables. It brings back memories, but is also just great writing and composition.

11. Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away”

We really aren’t big country fans but this one makes it on the list as well. It amps us back up and gives us a little of that “badass” feeling.

12. Puscifer’s “The Humbling River”

An odd one, but a good one.

13. Disturbed’s “Sound of Silence”

Some may argue with me, but this is the best cover of “Sound of Silence” and it brings chills to our entire carload while we cruise down the highway.

14. Nickleback’s “Lullaby”

A little theme begins as we step into alternative rock.

15. Linkin Park’s “New Divide”
16. Three Days Grace’s “Never Too Late”
17. Taking Back Sunday’s “MakeDamnSure”

Obviously, this one has a bit of language, but it’s great music so we let it slide.

18.  Breaking Benjamin’s “Failure”

A little sadness…

19. Alessia Cara’s “Wild Things”

And then this gem of encouragement. Alessia Cara is just fantastic. I love her message.

20. Sia’s “The Greatest”

And we continue on with the positive message to mellow out the previous few songs. This also gets me hyped up again. Typically we are at a rest stop and climbing back into the car for another leg of our journey.

21. Halsey’s “Castle”

Back in the van, we are starting out with a little sassiness. Yes!

22. Florence + The Machine’s “The End of Love”

So, I absolutely LOVE F+TM! And I listen to her music over and over and over. Realistically, my playlist is about 20 F+TM songs that I keep skipping back to while playing this playlist. No shame! I think “The End of Love” is a spectacular song, but I also love “Delilah”!

23. Billy Boyd’s “The Last Goodbye”

Turn ye head, lest ye see my inner nerd. I dig me some Billy Boyd and I dig me some Hobbit! We marathon through LOTR and The Hobbit regularly. Truly, no shame!

24. Pentatonix’s “Hallelujah”

Classic and gorgeous.

25. Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire”

Oh no, my nerd popped out again. This song is epic writing and epic singing.

26. Adele’s “Lovesong”

Slow it down and get a little beachy with “Lovesong”. Play all the other Adele songs if you’re so inclined. That girl has a set of pipes.

27. Pentatonix & Lindsey Stirling’s “Radioactive”

Amazing artists come together to perform this song. We love Lindsey and you can find all of her awesome violin magic online.

28. Marianas Trench’s “Fallout”

Fun and a little inappropriate. We love to rock out to this!

29. Owl City’s “Fireflies”

And then cool down with some whimsical, enchanting “Fireflies”.

30. Shiny Toy Gun’s “Major Tom”

A little more spacey than whimsy, we love this take on Major Tom.

31. Anna Kendrick’s “Cups”

Totally random, but it gives me the “feel goods”.

32. SJ Tucker’s “Glashtyn Shanty”

SJ Tucker is unique, and crazy, and cool, and fun! I had the privilege of meeting her several years ago at a festival and hearing her perform live. I dig much of her music. “Glashtyn Shanty” is full of magic. Followed by “Cheshire Kitten” which just makes me feel good about being rather mad.

Because I totally want you to hear all of this goodness I linked each song up with iTunes. Huzzah! We just started using Apple Music which is (at the time of writing this) only $9.99 a month and you can listen to and download any song you can think of. I wasn’t sure we would use it often enough to pay for it, but now every time a song pops into my head I can type it in the search and BAM, I am listening to it an embarrassing number of times. Hehe!

Check out Apple Music and try it for yourself. You won’t be sorry!

So tell me, what is on your travel playlist? Did you listen to and LOVE any of these suggestions?

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